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KAEFER's Lean Journey

Focusing on customer value

It sounds obvious when you first think about it – waste is the enemy of efficiency.  But the more you take that thinking to heart, the more the scale of the challenge becomes apparent.  It’s called ‘lean’ thinking.  And while it’s not exclusive to KAEFER, our vision to ‘eliminate the energy waste’ sits very well within the framework of lean and its corresponding way of acting.

Simply put, lean means creating more value for our clients with fewer resources.  And this is achieved by generating as close to zero waste as possible by optimising processes and continuously improving them.

The idea is to waste less time, effort and materials.  This allows us to achieve higher levels of health, safety and efficiency by getting our services right the first time, while meeting all quality requirements.  Lean is also a cornerstone of our RED strategy, as it makes us recognised, more efficient and different.

This benefits our clients as much as it benefits us.  And our unique approach to applying and living it involves educating and training our employees to not just ‘do’ lean, but to ‘be’ lean on every step in their journey.  Because it would be (a) waste if we didn’t capitalize on the ideas of all KAEFER employees when working towards a common goal.  Lean makes this possible and empowers employees to constructively and creatively shape the way they work.

The LEAN Project Approach has been well-established as a part of our culture and market differentiation.  Our employees are setting new standards for how we plan and execute projects.  We are bringing a new mindset and a new attitude towards problem solving, efficiency and the elimination of waste!

Chris Porter
Chief Executive Officer